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EveryoneLovesGiantSonicPlushs by Cornflakee EveryoneLovesGiantSonicPlushs :iconcornflakee:Cornflakee 64 70 Sonamy Werehog by Cee-CeeTheHedgie Sonamy Werehog :iconcee-ceethehedgie:Cee-CeeTheHedgie 33 48 Ella Y Yo by ShadowReaper12 Ella Y Yo :iconshadowreaper12:ShadowReaper12 108 66 Flowers For My Beloved by PhantomShadow051 Flowers For My Beloved :iconphantomshadow051:PhantomShadow051 105 61 So Youre A Cartoonist -Comment by TomPreston So Youre A Cartoonist -Comment :icontompreston:TomPreston 3,711 888 Shed Tears No More... by MidnightFire1222 Shed Tears No More... :iconmidnightfire1222:MidnightFire1222 73 34 Be Safe by sonamy92 Be Safe :iconsonamy92:sonamy92 47 37 Flirty SonAmy by LuigiandAmyfan Flirty SonAmy :iconluigiandamyfan:LuigiandAmyfan 61 196 -com- YOU ARE MY LIFE by Videogamescool -com- YOU ARE MY LIFE :iconvideogamescool:Videogamescool 205 113 payback by aidah15 payback :iconaidah15:aidah15 427 107
SonAmy:Crazy Life 6
"Uh what do you mean ma'am I'm Max the Janitor,"
"Come on Sonic,you think I can't tell it's you?"
"Uh yeah?"
"Shows how little you know me,"Amy said crossing her arms and turning her back towards Sonic.
"Hey hey don't be like that Amy," Sonic said walk toward her.
"How could you do this to me...To Daniel?"
"What do you mean?"
"What do I mean!"Amy yelled turning to face Sonic,"Sonic you abandoned us,"
"No I-"
"Do NOT interupt me Sonic!"
Sonic sighed and let her continue.
"You left me alone with a baby!To raise and care for by myself and..."Amy's eyes began to water. "I did know if you were going to come back to me,I was scared and I prayed that you were going to come walking through the door with a smile like you always did,but after nine years I was just starting to get over you and NOW you show up?"
"I'm sorry,"Sonic said with his head down.
"It's way to late for sorry now,"Amy said walking toward the door.
Sonic grabbed her hand.
"Let go Sonic,"
"Let go!"
"No Amy not till you k
:iconsonamylover1211:SonAmyLover1211 30 16
SonAmy:Crazy Life 4
The bell rang for recess and Daniel caught up with Mckenna and Kyle where his new shoes.
"Hey guy,"Daniel said.
"Hey Daniel,"Mckenna said with a smile.
"Whoa where did you get those shoes,Dash?"Kyle asked staring wide-eyed at his shoes.
"Max gave them to me,they're a birth-"
"Hey Dash!" Some yelled interrupting them.
It was Bryce walking up with his posse.
"What do you want now Bryce?"Daniel asked narrowing his eyes.
"Did you rat me out?"
"Did you rat me out?"Bryce said slower.
"No I didn't rat you out,"Daniel said turning his back and starting to walk away.
"No,Bryce I didn't rat you out!"
Daniel turned around to face Bryce.
"Because If they called your mom then they would call my mom and my mom doesn't need that now,"
"You're lying!"Bryce yelled.
"No I'm not,"Daniel said calmly.
"No you're lying!"
By this time a small crowd of kids were circled around to see why Bryce was causing such a scene.
"For the last time Bryce I didn't tell on you,"Daniel said
:iconsonamylover1211:SonAmyLover1211 19 13
SonAmy:Crazy Life 3
Daniel rounded the corner and saw his bus shut the doors and pull off the curb.
"Wait!"He shouted.
It was no use the bus was picking up speed as it head for the school.Daniel ran as fast he could to catch up with the bus.Daniel knocked on the bus's door.The bus driver turned to see Daniel running along side the bus.The bus driver looked down at the speedometer it was creeping up on 50 miles per hour.He then eased the bus to a stop.
"Sorry about that Daniel,"The bus driver said as he opened the doors.
"It's ok Willy,"Daniel said breathlessly.
Daniel made his was down the narrow aisle of the bus.
"Hey Dash,"Said a random kid.
"Oh Hey," Daniel replied.
"Hey Dash,"Another random kid said.
"Happy Birthday Daniel,"Someone said but it wasn't a random kid this time.This time it was Mckenna one of Daniel's best friends.Daniel took a seat next to her.Mckenna was a short hedgehog with light brown fur and long dark brown hair that she had cover with a light pink hat.
"I told you Mckenna call
:iconsonamylover1211:SonAmyLover1211 19 34
SonAmy:Crazy Life 2
All the lights were out in Amy's room,except the tiny lamp by her bed.Amy was propped up against the wall reading one of her favorite books.When all the sudden she heard the sound a door creak open.
"Hello?"Amy called out closing her book.
There was no answer.Amy pulled the covers off her legs and got out of bed to investigate.She quietly walked down the hallway,not wanting to wake anyone, and came to any oak door.She opened the door an peaked inside.The walls inside were painted light blue with clouds and lush green rolling hills.In the air there were red airplanes soaring to far away places and on the green hills were trains.And on the right side of the room was a small red bed shaped like a sports car and in the bed was a small purple hedgehog.Amy quietly walk to the small hedgehogs bedside and kissed his forehead.
"I love you Daniel,"She said quietly.
As Amy turned to leave she saw a dark figure on the other side of the room.The figure look familiar.
"Shadow?"Amy asked.
The figure
:iconsonamylover1211:SonAmyLover1211 26 17
my favies
caution they're a mess
I need to sort them out someday ^^;
I may soon

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The sleeping beauty
At the risk of sounding cliché this story begins long, long again in a land far, far away.
"Hang on, I thought you hated cliché's?"
I do hate them but that is the true beginning of this story.
"How about you don't go cliché on us? what if it wasn't that long ago in a land surprisingly close?"
That is were a different story takes place. A different tale but what I want to tell today is the tale of a young lady far, far away who lived long, long ago.
Do you WANT me to read you a bedtime story or not?
Then be quit and listen
Long, long ago in a land far, far away there was a young woman.
"surprise surprise."
"I'm quiet."
That young woman was not nice
"Oeh plot twist."
That's it, I'm grabbing the ductape.
She enjoyed seeing others suffer. It made her feel young and alive. She was constantly contemplating how to make those around her miserable. One day she woke up and looked in the mirror. She was
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 1 1
high in the sky
He stared intently at the wonderous creations before him as he mumbled to himself. "Hey Tails, what're you doing?" his best friend requested. Tails looked up at Sonic briefly before focusing his attention once more on the items infront of him.
"I was just wondering how Amy walks on these things," he said pointing at the stilletto heels before him. The blue hedgehog frowned and lowered himself on the couch next to his SBBFF. He thoughtfully pulled his scarf as they tought about their female friend.
"I think one of us should try them on," the blue blur suddenly said. After a small game of rock paper scissors, Tails pulled on the shoes and slowly stood up. He slowly but surely made his way around the sofa they sat on. He dropped himself on the furniture once again and took them off before placing them where they earlier stood.
"My feet are killing me," he commented.
They never dared to touch them again.
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 5 2
after the fight
Walking slowly down the street was a single pikachu. The pikachu had a hat on its head. The hat was a little to big but it didn't care. The hat was all the little pokémon had left of its trainer. Slowly walking through the gate it made its way to the grave. It placed the flowers it had in its paws on the grave and then curled up where the lap would be.
On the gravestone was only a few sentences.
The greatest pokémon master of all time.
R.I.P. Ash Ketchum
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 3 20
letters... (parody)
Sonic runs for fun.
Suddenly, Amy decided to visit.
And Stoppes knockes home.
In knockes hour.
Hour after
And he gazed on walks, a piece of paper in the kitchen.
"In. Goodbye my"
All that is.
I get on Sonic Amy.
Why, he said, all real friends are present.
Sonic returns from day to investigate.
Chairman is headquartered in pen and paper living room.
Please write.
I love Amy.
I do not know where you come from but just wanted to tell you what he wants.
Amy Rose has apologized, and made the rest, I love when my heart.
Honey, I was afraid of losing.
Can you forgive me?
I love you.
Amy lives with her envelope with a sigh, he said.
Because the house is not pushing email management system.
He saw the dark
He cried in bed so.
When out of the house, after a shady tree out Sonic went out, and statistics.
Welcome to the shape of the cabinet took the letter.
And he fell from his picture, pink hedgehog read "my letter.
Amy laughed, and sent.
Sonic looked at.
At the end of the money in her bed
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 4 0
cinderella story
This is a story like none other, yet exactly like the rest. It starts with 2 young couples, all hedgehogs. They were the closest friends anyone can be. One pair were the king and queen of the lands and the girl of the other couple was the queens best friend from high school, they weren't rich but they knew thy could count on their friends whenever they needed. Even though they weren't relaed both women considered the other one as her sister. Both couples wanted a baby badly. Then both sisters got pregnant at the same time. The couples were overjoyed. Then the babies came, first was the queen. She gave birth to a triplet. She named them from eldest to youngest: Sonic, Sonia and Manic. A few days later her sister gave birth to a beautifull hedgehog girl. They decided that one day, the girl got to choose one of the boys as her husband. They named her Amy. Unfortunatly the queens sister died before she could hold her daughter in her arms. The father was heartbroken. He first wanted to blam
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 4 0
Mature content
the murder :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 1 0
Sonic's choice (parody)
Blue hedgehog looked pink curly brown coat and my eyes directly.
. "To elect Sally said:" We are
Select your birthday suit desired tail contribution, you can laugh at anything, "hedgehog".
"No, he took us to the second part.
We decided to treat us. Arms crossed, "Amy said quietly.
Sally hedgehoggirl pink Kaoru.
"Well, I chose"
Latvia his hand just hang out.
Sonic is followed
He put all the steps, and then the word.
"I ...... Select ...... that ......"
He put his mouth on the lips of the selected girl.
Another girl ran away crying.
Sonic said to touch a girl's arm, "I love you"
...... "She whispered in his ear:" Amy.
Happy girl in pink ever.
Sonic is your decision. Please choose!
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 1 3
Mature content
the lost planet part 1 :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 0 0
Sonic meme by sonicgail
Mature content
Sonic meme :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 5 37
Charaby by sonicgail Charaby :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 2 4 first hand drawn Sonic by sonicgail first hand drawn Sonic :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 3 15 Ash meme take 2 by sonicgail Ash meme take 2 :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 3 11 Ash meme by sonicgail Ash meme :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 3 12
who I am
Being the last of your own kind isn't fun, let me tell you. It's mostly lonely. Sometimes I wished there were more echidnas like me alive. I just while away my time doing... well... nothing. I guard the master Emerald. I'm lonely more then ever on my birthdays. That's why I don't celebrate them anymore. My friends come visit me once in a while but they have no idea what it means to be the last of your kind. I watch over the world every day wondering how my life would have been if only I had a sibling. My birthdays aren't the only lonely times for me. I spend Christmas and New years eve on my own every year. My friends invite me, but I refuse. This is a time for family, not friends. The snow falls cold on my nose and wakes me from my sleep. I don't have shelter. I don't need shelter. It's cold every year again but I endure it. I endure it because I have to. When my father died, he made me promise I would protect the master Emerald no matter what. There he is again. The blue hedgehog tha
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 2 2
Gymbadge the Furybadge by sonicgail Gymbadge the Furybadge :iconsonicgail:sonicgail 0 10
the working plan
Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cosmo were hanging out. Cosmo had been revived years ago and was dating Tails and Sonic was dating Amy. They went on double dates often. Suddenly Sonic dissapeared. "Where did Sonic go?" Amy asked voice flipping in fear.
"Probably went to get something," Tails said slightly bored moving his queen. "Check."
"Mate," Cosmo replied as she grabbed his queen leaving his king nowhere to go. "Relax Amy, look if he didn't come back in one hour we'll call the cops okay?" Amy nodded in response.
"You want to play Amy?" Tails asked setting the board up for a new game.
Sonic opened his eyes. "What happened," he wondered.
"I went to the past and captured you there. You've been in my dungeons for years now," a fat man said emerging from the shadow(the Hedgehog)s.
Sonic now noticed his surroundings. He was lifted in the air. His arms were chained on his back and he was exactly in the middle of the room giving him no chance to escape without help. The room he was in was so dirt
:iconsonicgail:sonicgail 1 0
home of my horrible stories and my sucky drawings



Journal History


At the risk of sounding cliché this story begins long, long again in a land far, far away.
"Hang on, I thought you hated cliché's?"
I do hate them but that is the true beginning of this story.
"How about you don't go cliché on us? what if it wasn't that long ago in a land surprisingly close?"
That is were a different story takes place. A different tale but what I want to tell today is the tale of a young lady far, far away who lived long, long ago.
Do you WANT me to read you a bedtime story or not?
Then be quit and listen
Long, long ago in a land far, far away there was a young woman.
"surprise surprise."
"I'm quiet."
That young woman was not nice
"Oeh plot twist."
That's it, I'm grabbing the ductape.

She enjoyed seeing others suffer. It made her feel young and alive. She was constantly contemplating how to make those around her miserable. One day she woke up and looked in the mirror. She was shocked by what she saw, not a young beautiful girl but an old ugly woman. She broke every mirror in her house and cried. 'Where has my beauty gone' she screamed in despair. She cried day and she cried night. when people passed her they were happy to see the tables turned. Those who came for a visit felt sorry for her. Some tried to help them but she just shooed them away. one day an old booksalesman came to sell some books in the village near where she lived. He felt sorry for her and when he saw the broken mirrors in her house he reached between his books and took out a book named "How to stay young and beautifull forever." and lied it in front of her after wich he left her alone. A while later she noticed the book. She looked around but saw no one. She dried her tears and read the book cover to cover. The book explained how to steal the youth and beauty from someone and she put a couple to use stealing the youth and beauty from everyone in the village. The booksalesman had left the village before she finished reading the book. Then once she stole the youth and beaty from everyone in the village, they all died of old age. She knew she had to go find more people and remembered a spell to steal the soul of men. Each soul would last for a thousand years.

She spread a rumor that there was a woman more beautifull then anything on this planet sleeping. She would marry whomever would kiss her awake. She prepared everything she needs to steal souls. Then she layed there waiting for the souls to come to her. for centuries men would come to her to kiss her awake only to have their souls stolen once the lips touched. She became more beautifull with every new soul. When a woman tried to enter she was killed shortly after because the book had warned the witch that one kiss from a woman would mean the end of her. Then rumors start to spread that no one came back from that. Yet people still tried hoping that they are the special one. One day a man entered the traps that were designed to kill the women didn't budge. He came to the end where the witch had fallen asleep after so long of pretending. He took of his hat revealing long hair and took off his vest revealing he was a she. The traps frantically strted moving but she was too far. She kissed the witch. The witch woke p and screamed lashing out at the woman who had dared to kiss her. The witch grew older and older while she was doing that untill the moment she turned to dust. The building crumbled around the woman. She left and lived the rest of her life out in peace.

What did you think of the story?
Oh right, the ductape.
"It was great but I still want the story that wasn't that long ago in a land surprisingly close."
Oh but didn't you know they are connected?
Remember the book?

The sleeping beauty
Time to ruin your childhood *evil laughter*

I got the idea for this while watching a movie called The Curse of Sleeping Beauty and made up a couple new things as I was going along like the book recurring that I didn't think off untill I was at the final paragraph...

If you see any spelling errors feel free to tell me I appreciate the help


name's Abigail and dun forget it
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Oh my god, I'm soooooooooooo terribly sorry for dissapearing on you guys but I had stuff going on and bla bla bla, you don't want to read this... Basically, I'm looking for a job, I have no more school and I'll be mostly using my Ipad for the internet because my laptop keeps crashing on me... I probably won't be using it anymore...

if you have a question feel free to ask and I will answer, in the comments
if you want a costum apollegy just ask ok?

thanks a bundel for understanding
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